Release, Relax, Let Go.... Now Let's Recover Your Soul with Kathy King

Soul Whisperer

Soul Journeys and Readings

The Toltec tradition tells us that we surrender a portion of our life force when we dwell on any unhealed wounding event from our past. The unprocessed emotions surrounding these events burden us and weigh heavily on our hearts. They must be dealt with if we want access to all of our vitality. Ultimately, what we will find is that forgiveness is the key to reclaiming all the life force locked in past hurt.

Sometimes we feel fragmented, disassociated with Life and people. Dejected, rejected, wondering Why this is happening. Patterns in our lives keep repeating themselves. Physical pain has manifested in the body. We find ourselves saying "Every time I just get going, or almost make it...this happens !"

YOU are in full control of the session with your conscious mind watching in the background while Kathy takes you on a Soul Journey within your super consciousness, helping you visualize where the trauma began, its Source, to explore past lives, create behavior modification and do cellular memory meditations.

The healing power of such sessions is uncanny because the super conscious retains full memory of every experience a person has ever had, be it in this life or in another lifetime. These memories are complete with all the negativity of traumas, oppressions, and illnesses which can have "carry over" effects on one's present existence.

The super conscious mind is literal and communicates it's understandings to every cell of your body. So, if it retains a memory of a trauma, oppression or illness, your body and your mind (unless you have purged yourself of negativity) will feel an after effect of those experiences. And because it IS literal, when we tell it the negativity is destroyed, the carry overs heal and go away.

One and One half  to Two Hour Soul Journeys: $80.00

Spiritual Readings, Intuitive Channelings and Animal Whispering

Kathy uses all her senses as well as Tarot and other Divination cards and psychometry to receive  messages from her Spirit Guides, Your Spirit Guides, the Angels, Fairies, Totem animals and Dolphins who help guide her in her readings for your Self, your Pets, your Friends and Family. 

$60.00 for one hour reading session by phone or in person.

Animal Whispering

Ever since I was  young, people have been bringing me animals to heal; when I was only nine my uncle brought me a hummingbird that had hurt itself flying into a window, later when I was first attuned to Reiki, I helped to heal a dragonfly which had been run over by a car!

Now animals come to me for healings…a dog with arthritis at a baseball park ; hummingbirds pause to hover near me longer than most people, dragonflies and butterflies like to rest on me! Even pesky bugs like blackflies and mosquitoes don’t bite as bad! ... I tell them I have a No Fly Zone LOL!

 Healing Arts

Everything has a vibration. Here on Earth the vibration is magnetic in nature. We resonate with like -vibrations and we also resonate with vibrations we think are not like us at all! This is the Shadow side or our mirror. Sometimes we have people or events in our lives that we wonder how or why could this be happening to me!

The answer is that sometimes there are sub-conscious fears, emotions or issues we have not dealt with or let go of that continue to re-appear in our lives until we realize we don't need to be carrying them around with us any longer. Sometimes these issues manifest in a physical form such as disease or pain to let us know there is something wrong!

These issues need to be brought back into balance to restore our health and well-being.

 Here are some of the Healing Arts Kathy has mastered and teaches in her comfortable, comprehensive workshops that will help you Release, Relax, Let Go....


Reiki (RAY-Kee) is gentle energy that envelopes you like a cloud of pure Bliss, relaxing and restoring your Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit. Reiki leaves you with the feeling that everything will be OK and all your worries, concerns and stresses have dissipated! Reiki can be performed as a hands-on healing or the practitioner may hover their hands just above the body beginning with the head, moving down to the feet, front and back. You are fully clothed, lying on a bed or couch or even sitting in a chair.

Reiki Level II can be sent remotely by the practitioner through the distance and received the same as if you were there in person!

Reiki is reciprocal; even your Reiki practitioner receives this soothing wave of Unconditional Love when giving or sending Reiki!

Reiki energy helps people, plants and animals heal naturally, gently, safely.

Kathy teaches traditional, three level Usui method as well as William Rand's Advanced Reiki for personal growth and Tibetan Reiki


Private Reiki Healing Session

A one-hour Reiki session designed to nourish and relax the mind, body and spirit. Reiki reduces stress and tension and generates deep and gentle healing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

Reiki is a wonderful respite for anyone in chronic pain, dis-ease or stress; can also be used for those who lead busy lives, attending stressful meetings; is safe for anyone with special needs such as ADD/HD, Autism, Cancers, broken bones or torn ligaments, Fibromyalgia, MS, even pregnant or nursing mothers benefit from a soothing Reiki session. 

Depending on your individual  needs, Reiki sessions with Kathy may also include Shamballa Multi-Dimensional healing, Brain Balancing, Chelation, guided meditation and visualization, chakra balancing, color, sound or crystal therapy. $60.00


Private Reiki Healing Attunement

The Private Reiki Healing Attunement brings in higher frequency healing energies. In this session, we work with a specific goal or intention, opening the aura to concentrated healing energies that will assist  in the intention. The Private Healing Attunement is followed by Aura Clearing  and a traditional Reiki session. Initial consultation included. $80.00


Distant Reiki Healing Session

This Reiki session is done at a distance and works effectively to bring calming, soothing and balancing when you need it. Initial consultation by phone or email included. $40.00


Diamond Frequency of Shamballa Consciousness

Diamond  Frequency energy is similar to Reiki in the sessions but the frequency is much higher and clearer that some feel surges through the body. This is the ancient Shamballa energy that came to us before the Fall of Atlantis that helped us maintain our connection to Source.

We ARE Multi-Dimensional Beings capable of stepping outside the 3D “reality” and traveling through many planes with our minds and Spirit.

Studies in Quantum Physics are beginning to prove  that we are all ONE, connected to ALL THERE IS, the Quantum being the space between you and me!

Creation is speeding up and we need to keep up to its’ speed. Diamond Frequency was brought back to us, revised,  from ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis  because we we are ready now to accept this energy and more. Diamond Frequency helps to release our fears, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve as well as karmic energies in order to raise our vibrational rate to help us heal, help protect us on our path no matter which dimension we choose to BE in.

Diamond Frequency of Consciousness is here to prepare us for the Age of Light, a very high vibrational era purported to last for the next 2000 years that has been gaining momentum since the Harmonic Convergence in 1988 and now the Conscious Convergence of July 17 & 18, 2010.

Especially beneficial to those already in a faster lane such as Indigos with ADD/ADHD, Bi-Polar, Autistm, Downes, even those with suffering from fibromyalgia, food sensitivities and other dis-eases of our Brave New World!

One Hour Session: $60.00


Crystal Healing is an ancient healing method that is even mentioned in biblical times. When placed on the body’s energy centres or Chakras, the  vibrational energy of the crystals amplifies the natural healing process we all possess. Accompanied by a relaxing hands-On healing technique, you can release physical, mental and emotional pain.

Kathy uses crystals in all of her healing modalities as well as your Soul Journeys, Past Life regressions, Inter-Dimensional Traveling, Spiritual readings and rituals.

The Crystal Healing course is a 5 part series based on Katrina Raphaell's teachings, which involves Chakras and why it is important to maintain their balance for optimum health. Care, storage, meditations and uses of various crystals; how to release stuck or unwanted energies and entities to Lighten your Load especially for Inter-dimensional travel and in the Master's level you learn how to assess which crystal layout to use to help yourself and others to heal,  based on a client's symptoms.

One Hour session: $60.00


MetamorphicTechnique was developed in England by Naturopathic Doctor and Reflexologist originally to help long-term disabled, Autistic and Downes patients function to a reasonable rate of normality. It was discovered that MT helped activate the original DNA blueprint, which promotes necessary changes for anyone to get back on their True Path of Personal Growth.

Metamorphic Technique is gentle massage to the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head.Totally relaxing you, making you feel as if you have had a full body massage. Great for those who cannot take the rigors of massage or cannot lie on their back or front. As you can see from the photo you are reclining in a chair generally indoors or outdoors weather permitting!

Float off into endless time and space with a One Hour Session:$60.00


Axiatonal Re-Alignment  

Ever feel Dis-Connected? not knowing where to turn? or which course to take? or that you are not quite sure where "Home" is?

Axiatonal Re-Alignment is a Whole-Self Attunement and Reconnective Healing 

This therapy helps regenerate and re-harmonize your mental, emotional and spiritual energy that often results in a profound sense of awakening and reconnection to 'Source'.

Offered both as a treatment, and as a practitioner certification course.

We all have an innate "need to belong" and lately many of us are sensing a disconnect from our Whole Self, from Source, even from our Earthly plane; some of us feel lost, displaced, aimless or feel a need to get back on track with our "mission in life". 
You are greater than you think you are . . .
You are a Multi-diemsional Being, so when you reconnect the small 'self' with the Whole Self you rediscover who you are and are able to live your life according to your Soul Purpose and to ALL THERE IS!

Axiatonal lines are equivalent to traditional acupuncture meridians and feed into spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small vortices of energy (sound, light and colour) that regulate the molecules and cells of the body and the mitochondria. When they are spinning in an appropriate manner they create a grid for cellular regeneration. When this happens the Axiatonal energy is able to recharge the body, and clear negative emotional and mental patterns. Your chakras are cleared, your DNA is realigned AND your whole body system is re-connected to Source, to your Merkabah Light Body AND to the Earth!!!

  • This process results in reduced stress, internal calmness, and emotional balance
  • This is a very relaxing and grounding therapy
  • It is especially useful for those who feel off-balance or confused about their lives or direction they are headed
  • Axiatonal Re-Alignment provides a deeper connection to the authentic self and all of life

As in a Reiki treatment, the client lays fully clothed on a treatment table in a warm, relaxing and safe environment.  Soothing music is played to aid relaxation.

One Hour: $60.00  


Ear Candling is an ancient home remedy, traces of which have been found in archaeological digs of  the pyramids, North and South American artifacts as well as China and the Far East.

Mothers in the depression used rolled up newspapers to draw out the wax from their children with ear nose and throat problems.

Modern day candles are now made of unbleached cotton and beeswax or dripless paraffin. Caution is taken for safety purposes as well. Kathy has over 10 years experience candling and teaching this very effective method of helping people with Minieres, tinitus, ringing in the ears, abnormal excess wax build-up in the ears due to environment (people who wear ear plugs, blue tooth head sets, stuffy, dirty work areas, airborne substances) weather, infections, air pressures (miners, scuba divers, pilots)  to name a few.

Every season we should have our ears candled to remove the old and make room for a cleaner more refreshed feeling.  Our ears produce a different type of wax to cope with the seasons, thicker wax for winter, thinner more liquid-like for summer. Children especially benefit by ear candling as it helps prevent infections, and alleviates plugged is the best natural flu shot you'll ever have! $50.00



What is Aquealead?
Aqualead Energy Healing in a new energy healing modality that heals, purifies and energizes water all over the planet, as well as in all living beings.

The human body is made of 70% water, and the Earth's surface is covered mostly with water including our atmosphere. Therefore, healing water means healing the Earth, and all the life forms it supports.

An AQUALEAD session can take 30 to 60 minutes depending on you and your individual needs.

All AQUALEAD sessions are BY DONATION, but travel expenses and other gratuities may be requested.

In all of these healing sessions you  are  warmly enveloped in comfort and care and confidentiality with soft background music to relax you.



Heated Stones Massage

Kathy utilizes Swedish and Esselen techniques to massage your sore, tired muscles with heated stones that in themselves have healing qualities. Reiki, Shamballa, Munay Ki and Aqualead energies are also infused into your body. You will feel like melted butter after just one session!

One Hour: $80.00

Email Kathy for your next relaxing session or to learn how to perform these modalities yourself



Inkan Munay Ki Rites

 You are more than you think you are...

The Munay-Ki are sacred rites that we have now been

given permission by the Laika, Inkan shamans from high

up in the Andes, to pass on to the rest of the world 

These powerful yet gentle rites can support and assist your spiritual awakening.

They contain the codes for the new human that will change how you live, how you heal and how you die.

They are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions into the chakra system that activate deep personal healing.

The Munay-Ki is an accelerated journey of personal evolution: 

Receive the 9 Munay-Ki Rites and learn how they can support your spiritual awakening

Classes are experiential & include meditations & sacred ceremonies.

Upon completion of the 9 rites, you will be gifted a Pi-stone, and Instruction DVD

Each of the three 4-hr sessions will be flexibly scheduled according to group availability. 

All Rites are Given Freely By Donation, however travel expenses may be required.


Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Kathy has studied the rituals of ancient Shamanic, Celtic and Chinese space clearing methods to optimize the energy of your home, your property, your business or office, a room even your desk!

In With The New - Out With The Old

An easy way to keep from allowing your clutter space to multiply is to use this simple rule: 

Every time you buy an item or receive a gift from someone, that you choose to keep, in turn, rid yourself of an older similar item from your living space!
With clothing, applying this rule is particularly easy. Whenever you purchase a new pair of jeans, toss out an old pair. If the older pair still has a life to it, donate it to a charity. While you're rearranging your closets and dresser drawers don't forget to get rid of all your odd socks too, (those mates are never coming back, and if they do reappear, toss them out as well, with no regret.)

If you enforce this rule then you may even be able to curb any purchasing impulses you may have, knowing beforehand that, in order to add that funky looking leopard-spotted handbag to your purse collection, means that you will have to give away one of your other cherished bags.  (Gasp!)
If you're not ready to release something, then your purchasing impulses will be given pause.  
MAKE IT A RULE! Be ready to let something go before you bring something new home with you.

Use this "in with the new, out with the old" rule for other items outside of your wardrobe too.  
Exchange items "one for one" each time an article enters into your kitchen or other rooms in your home. 
Did your kids give you another "Greatest Dad" Coffee Mug for Christmas this year?  Well, great!  But reach into your cupboard and dump that old cracked and stained cup you haven't used in years into the trash.  How many coffee cups do you need anyway? 

If you are already over-cluttered why not try "one for two" - ridding yourself of two items for every single new item you bring home with you, until you have a more manageable amount of possessions.

Free Consultation

Clearing Session: One Hour $60.00




Call or email now for your ONE HOUR appointment! Kathy has a special long distance phone plan so please leave your name and number or email her and she will return your call!

See Upcoming classes and courses for information on how you too can learn the above modalities!




Re: Reiki: My children and attribute this positive change to my journey and reiki treatmentsI have had.

Yours Truly     Marcel Boulard


Re: Classes and Workshops: Judy exclaims: "Kathy you are such a sweetheart! I LOVE learning from your workshops! you are such a gentle patient teacher and i always learn so Much from you! Wonderful Lady!"

Re: Soul Journeys:

T., Parry Sound... was ecstatic!... " after only one session I don't have that negative little voice nattering at me anymore!...nada... zip !!!"

J. Parry Sound .... "I have learned to Let Go of all that baggage I was carrying around!! It is so much  Lighter Now!"

L. Parry Sound... "You have to go see Kathy for a Soul Journey...she really helps you get rid of the fears and worries! I sleep so much better now!"

Re: Animal Reading:

From the Psychic Fair: G. "I couldn't believe how Kathy was able to connect with my dogs! My rescue dog NEVER goes up to anyone, yet she walked right up and greeted Kathy like a long lost friend...she even asked if we could take her home!" LOL!!

Re: Ear Candling: 

Taz, 4 year old ear candling client whom everyone called Taz (Tazmanian devil! becausehe was so hyper and wouldn't be still for ANYTHING!)

he would come running in the door, jump up on the table and say, "Where's my Rock!?!"  I would give him a rose quartz egg to hold and Taz would lay calmly for his Ear Candling without even a peep!

Re: Holographic Readings:

Hi Kathy! 

Excellent reading!!!!   I agree with everything that has been said- and it has also offered me a perspective I couldn't see because I am in the middle of it - and getting impatient!!! It offers me a lot of sense, support and understanding. And I appreciate that everything written is in "layman's" terms. THANKS! :)

Anne, Parry Sound 

Well Kathy now you know all my secrets and have read my mind I am afraid to meet you in person! LOL!!!

G. Midland