Release, Relax, Let Go.... Now Let's Recover Your Soul with Kathy King

Soul Whisperer

Personal Readings and Animal Communication


Readings: Answers to burning questions about Love, Career, Family…


Animal Communication: for Behavioral Issues, Lost Pets or pets who have passed


Soul Journeys and Healings for both You and You Pet

How it's Done:

Personal Readings:  I tune into your  frequency signature. We all have all have a unique personal vibration that can be tuned into; with your permission. I will sense a "picture" or hologram in my mind's eye of events happening in your life now. A virtual snapshot of your life. Then I will tune in with the question you have asked and send you a report that may include astrological, numerological and soul filled details channeled from your Akashic records, your Guides, Angels and other Higher conscious beings with whom you work.

Animal Communication: I tune in to the photo of your pet and connect with their unique frequency,  just like cell phones.

A photo of your pet, preferably looking at the camera, 6 months or less, will give me a more accurate reading of what is happening NOW 

Distance Healing: I scan the image of your pet, as well as the hologram that shows up in my mind’s eye, then I “see or sense” areas of the body that need to be addressed. 

Behavioural issues I may take your pet on a Soul Journey back through this life and other lifetimes finding areas of stuck patterns that may cause behavioural issues. then I communicate with your pet to discover more about their issues.

Lost or missing pets:  I “talk” to the pet to see if it can tell me anything about where it is or how it got there.

Pets who have passed:  once again I tune into their Dimensional Signature and converse with them to answer questions or relay messages between you and them. Energy never dies it just gets transformed.


HOW do I obtain a Reading?:

Simply email me  with the following information:

Readings for your SELF:

a recent picture with your Full legal name, Date of Birth,  Place of Birth AND TIME of Birth (gestimate if you don't know)

Animal Communication:

Your Pet’s photo, preferably 6 months or less showing their eyes looking at the camera along with:

Name and age (approximate) of your pet with a brief question or description of what you would like to  heal or change in your pet’s life.

Preferred method of Payment: email money transfer: Simple and EASY to Do

when the money has been cleared, you will receive a report of my findings for you or your pet

PayPal also accepted

Initial cost $75.00

(2 follow-up consults free)


Scientists have proven that there is no time or space between us; we can send our thoughts, healings and prayers to any living thing instantly!



EEG Proves Significant Increase in Theta Waves of a Target Person During Distant Healing


About Me!

I have been doing readings, healings, retreats, rituals and Soul Journeys professionally for over 14 years. When I think back, I have been doing this for many lifetimes! In this lifetime, from a very young age, I was able to communicate with animals, ghosts, fairies and other elementals of the Spirit world.

Now, I  have a healing practice including distance healings using Reiki, Shamballa, crystals, Munay Ki and Aqua Lead energies. I also energetically clear homes from unwanted energies or spirits in person and from a distance and have helped many people and pets, with their issues.

A certified Master Teacher of the above healing modalities as well as the Akashik records and Tarot;  

Priest with the Order of Melchizedek, Celtic Shaman, Inkan Shaman,  are just a few of the “hats” I wear. I also help clear Space in your Home, Land, Office or Business; facilitate healing retreats and lead expeditions to Sacred Sites of other countries around the world.

Contact me! for more Information!

Feel free check out the other pages my website to see photos of my retreats and classes.


Love & Light

Kathy King


Re: Reiki: My children and attribute this positive change to my journey and reiki treatmentsI have had.

Yours Truly     Marcel Boulard


Re: Classes and Workshops: Judy exclaims: "Kathy you are such a sweetheart! I LOVE learning from your workshops! you are such a gentle patient teacher and i always learn so Much from you! Wonderful Lady!"

Re: Soul Journeys:

T., Parry Sound... was ecstatic!... " after only one session I don't have that negative little voice nattering at me anymore!...nada... zip !!!"

J. Parry Sound .... "I have learned to Let Go of all that baggage I was carrying around!! It is so much  Lighter Now!"

L. Parry Sound... "You have to go see Kathy for a Soul Journey...she really helps you get rid of the fears and worries! I sleep so much better now!"

Re: Animal Reading:

From the Psychic Fair: G. "I couldn't believe how Kathy was able to connect with my dogs! My rescue dog NEVER goes up to anyone, yet she walked right up and greeted Kathy like a long lost friend...she even asked if we could take her home!" LOL!!

Re: Ear Candling: 

Taz, 4 year old ear candling client whom everyone called Taz (Tazmanian devil! becausehe was so hyper and wouldn't be still for ANYTHING!)

he would come running in the door, jump up on the table and say, "Where's my Rock!?!"  I would give him a rose quartz egg to hold and Taz would lay calmly for his Ear Candling without even a peep!

Re: Holographic Readings:

Hi Kathy! 

Excellent reading!!!!   I agree with everything that has been said- and it has also offered me a perspective I couldn't see because I am in the middle of it - and getting impatient!!! It offers me a lot of sense, support and understanding. And I appreciate that everything written is in "layman's" terms. THANKS! :)

Anne, Parry Sound 

Well Kathy now you know all my secrets and have read my mind I am afraid to meet you in person! LOL!!!

G. Midland