Release, Relax, Let Go.... Now Let's Recover Your Soul with Kathy King

Soul Whisperer

About Kathy King, The Soul Whisperer

Kathy began her Spiritual Journey with her grandmother who would ask her to gather herbs and wild flowers from their farm near Orrville, Ontario for healing teas and poultices. Both grandparents were avid followers of Edgar Cayce and other mediums. Her uncle Chickie taught her how to appreciate the wonders of nature, like a ring around the moon meant stormy weather and to be a gentle observer and communicator with the animals who shared their Sacred Space.

By 1997 Kathy had moved to Sudbury, where she met her first Reiki Master, Guillaine (now deceased). Here her Healing Journey began with learning Usui and Tibetan Reiki, Ear Candling and Therapeutic Touch.

From the Ear Candling course, Kathy was introduced to her future Reiki Master, Helen Sladden, who attuned her to the Master Level of Usui Reiki, Metamorphic Technique and Crystal Healing in conjunction with Margherita VonDrak, who was taught by the renowned Crystal Healing Master Teacher and author, Katrina Raphaell in Hawaii.

Kathy went on to open her first healing clinic in The Herb Hut, Chelmsford, ON, then evolved into  her own storefront she called Lively Alternative.The store included music, books, crystals and other tools to amplify the healing techniques Kathycontinued to practice and teach others.

In 2000 Kathy became a Priest with the Order of Melchizedek, joining a large following of Dan Chesbro from New York, then went on to be attuned to the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing System, founded by John Armitage from England.

In 2004 Kathy moved Lively Alternative to Whitby. While in the Durham area, Kathy learned Wat-Su from her BFF Carole Seens, Yoga and Fitness teacher in Ajax. Together they incorporated Reiki into this soothing water massage and facilitated 7 Yoga/Healing retreats over the years including Jamaica where Kathy managed a Guest House for 2 years.

At this time Kathy continued to evolve and decided to change her business name to Soul Whisperer because many of her clients were coming to her for help regarding relationships and belief systems that were no longer healthy for them, no longer serving a purpose, but they did not know how to Let Go.

They wanted to move on, but felt dragged down or held hostage by past events that had happened to them, that kept them from moving forward. Kathy had devised a gentle method using meditation and crystal healing she called Soul Journeys to help them release and clear the emotional debris that cluttered their lives, that imprisoned them and helped them set themselves free.

In 2006 Kathy returned to Canada to pursue more workshops where she learned Animal Communication, Axiatonal Re-Alignment, Aqualead and Munay Ki, the Inkan Shamanic Rites.

In 2011 Kathy returned to her home town, Parry Sound, using it as a hub to teach in various venues like Ottawa, Collingwood or wherever people need her!

Kathy is now taking the
Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology Social Services Worker program through the virtual classroom of Contact North to continue her helping career!


Re: Reiki: My children and attribute this positive change to my journey and reiki treatmentsI have had.

Yours Truly     Marcel Boulard


Re: Classes and Workshops: Judy exclaims: "Kathy you are such a sweetheart! I LOVE learning from your workshops! you are such a gentle patient teacher and i always learn so Much from you! Wonderful Lady!"

Re: Soul Journeys:

T., Parry Sound... was ecstatic!... " after only one session I don't have that negative little voice nattering at me anymore!...nada... zip !!!"

J. Parry Sound .... "I have learned to Let Go of all that baggage I was carrying around!! It is so much  Lighter Now!"

L. Parry Sound... "You have to go see Kathy for a Soul Journey...she really helps you get rid of the fears and worries! I sleep so much better now!"

Re: Animal Reading:

From the Psychic Fair: G. "I couldn't believe how Kathy was able to connect with my dogs! My rescue dog NEVER goes up to anyone, yet she walked right up and greeted Kathy like a long lost friend...she even asked if we could take her home!" LOL!!

Re: Ear Candling: 

Taz, 4 year old ear candling client whom everyone called Taz (Tazmanian devil! becausehe was so hyper and wouldn't be still for ANYTHING!)

he would come running in the door, jump up on the table and say, "Where's my Rock!?!"  I would give him a rose quartz egg to hold and Taz would lay calmly for his Ear Candling without even a peep!

Re: Holographic Readings:

Hi Kathy! 

Excellent reading!!!!   I agree with everything that has been said- and it has also offered me a perspective I couldn't see because I am in the middle of it - and getting impatient!!! It offers me a lot of sense, support and understanding. And I appreciate that everything written is in "layman's" terms. THANKS! :)

Anne, Parry Sound 

Well Kathy now you know all my secrets and have read my mind I am afraid to meet you in person! LOL!!!

G. Midland