Release, Relax, Let Go.... Now Let's Recover Your Soul with Kathy King

Soul Whisperer

Connect with the Life Force...

Allow Kathy King, Soul Whisperer,  recover the fragments of your Soul that have been shattered, lost, misplaced or blocked out due to mental, emotional, physical or spiritual trauma, abuse, relationship or health issues.    

Kathy will take you on a Spiritual Vision Quest  to seek out the parts you have left behind that need to be re-integrated with your Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Naturally, gently, safely,   she will use all the healing modalities in her "toolbox" to help YOU "fix" whatever ails you.

We don’t change overnight. Personal growth requires persistence...

 Kathy will help you discover the Source of your imbalances and in your own time will help you by delving into your Past as well as your Past lives, your Present and Future Selves to bring you back to Wholeness and Well-Being.

Kathy King has been "gathering" all her life... bits of wisdom, mastering Healing Arts and Whispering  to  people and animals; many with common afflictions such as Arthritis, Anxiety, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Stress and deep-seated issues from earlier times.

Connecting to plant and earth energies, as well as etheric entities from "the other side" , Kathy helps the healing process in people, pets, plants, homes AND businesses on "this side".

So you ask, how can I get started, get my feet wet with Spirituality?

Try Meditation:

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom."

-- Buddha

Meditation is considered an essential practice for those who seek self-knowledge and self-mastery. Why? Basically, meditation brings awareness of how our minds work. Over time, we become watchers, able to detach from the thoughts and emotions that play out in our minds.

With this detachment, we gain the freedom to choose whether or not to act on our thoughts and emotions. We learn to distinguish between objective reality and our mental and emotional dramas.


"Only in quiet waters things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world."

-- Hans Margolius

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Try a Reading!

To receive LIVE READINGS ONLINE!!!  Call KEEN 1800-ASK-KEEN (1-800-275-5336)  EXT. 04971090                                                       

Kathy has taught and practiced out of the following reputable businesses:

Parry Sound - Muskoka Psychic Fair

Parry Sound Harvest Share

West Parry Sound Hospice

Creating Being Well, Silver Point, S. Parry Sound, ON

YogAloft, McKellar, ON

Lively Alternative, Lively, ON Kathy King,  owner

The Herb Hut, Chelmsford, ON

The Reiki Centre, Alliston, ON

And Puppy Dog Tails, Bowmanville, ON

Jackie's On the Reef, Negril, Jamaica

Tao Crystals and Healing Centre, Ottawa, ON

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Kathy now resides in Parry Sound but continues teaching classes at various venues in Ontario including your own home if you wish! Please contact Kathy for your personal appointment:

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Re: Reiki: My children and attribute this positive change to my journey and reiki treatmentsI have had.

Yours Truly     Marcel Boulard


Re: Classes and Workshops: Judy exclaims: "Kathy you are such a sweetheart! I LOVE learning from your workshops! you are such a gentle patient teacher and i always learn so Much from you! Wonderful Lady!"

Re: Soul Journeys:

T., Parry Sound... was ecstatic!... " after only one session I don't have that negative little voice nattering at me anymore!...nada... zip !!!"

J. Parry Sound .... "I have learned to Let Go of all that baggage I was carrying around!! It is so much  Lighter Now!"

L. Parry Sound... "You have to go see Kathy for a Soul Journey...she really helps you get rid of the fears and worries! I sleep so much better now!"

Re: Animal Reading:

From the Psychic Fair: G. "I couldn't believe how Kathy was able to connect with my dogs! My rescue dog NEVER goes up to anyone, yet she walked right up and greeted Kathy like a long lost friend...she even asked if we could take her home!" LOL!!

Re: Ear Candling: 

Taz, 4 year old ear candling client whom everyone called Taz (Tazmanian devil! becausehe was so hyper and wouldn't be still for ANYTHING!)

he would come running in the door, jump up on the table and say, "Where's my Rock!?!"  I would give him a rose quartz egg to hold and Taz would lay calmly for his Ear Candling without even a peep!

Re: Holographic Readings:

Hi Kathy! 

Excellent reading!!!!   I agree with everything that has been said- and it has also offered me a perspective I couldn't see because I am in the middle of it - and getting impatient!!! It offers me a lot of sense, support and understanding. And I appreciate that everything written is in "layman's" terms. THANKS! :)

Anne, Parry Sound 

Well Kathy now you know all my secrets and have read my mind I am afraid to meet you in person! LOL!!!

G. Midland

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